Senior Software Developer (Web / Front End)

Work experience

Xing Profile

Technical Skills

  • Experience coding Java, PHP, Node.js, HTML5, JavaScript and CSS
  • Experience in principles such as Responsive Web Design, Mobile First, Progressive Enhancement, TDD & BDD
  • Experience in agile development principles such as Kanban and Scrum and its tools Jira & TargetProcess
  • Experience in standard software such as Nginx, Apache, Tomcat, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Experience in development tools such as Git, SVN, Gradle, Maven, Ant, npm, Webpack, Rollup & Grunt
  • Experience in the development of solutions based on backend frameworks such as Spring MVC, Struts, Zend, Symphony and content management systems such as WordPress
  • Experience in frontend libraries and frameworks such as jQuery, jQueryUI, React, Vue, Angular, Backbone, Require, Bootstrap, Foundation and some others
  • Experience in CI and test tools like Jenkins, Circle CI, TestNG, CodeStyle, Coverage, HtmlUnit, Behat, PHPUnit, Karma, Mocha, Chai, Selenium

Core Areas

  • Great focus on performance & page speed and its tools and recent market best practices
  • Programming with code testability in mind and passion for code quality
  • Passion for accessability
  • Desire to be involved from idea to implementation
  • Demand to continuously improve solutions and processes

Additional Strengths

  • Fun at Work with customers and teams on finding solutions for demanding applications
  • Hooked to current development trends and concepts in the online technology environment
  • Passion to give new web technologies a try
  • Good command of English